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  • Mother to 3 beautiful women.

  • Grandmother of 2.

  • BSN, CLT.

  • Born and raised Texan.

  • Injector for 16+ years.

Your Injector


With over 16 years experience in the aesthetic industry, I take great pride in enhancing my patients’ natural beauty in the most subtle and powerful way. 


I would say I am a very conservative injector! It’s important to understand that we are running a marathon, not a race- “less is more!”


Patient education and safety are my number one priority. If we have a 30 minute appointment, more than likely 20-25 mins of our appointment will be spent on education and around 5 mins injecting. Those of you that know me, know I have a love / hate relationship with needles! 


From a very young age, I had a passion to care for others and would dream of the day I could make it a reality. After 21 years in healthcare, I still desire to do all I can within my power to make others feel better. Whether it be nursing someone through an illness or helping them find the confidence they deserve through aesthetic medicine. 


As a mom of 3 girls, I truly understand the importance of self confidence. Being able to play a role in restoring someone’s confidence is the most rewarding feeling in the world. 

I am truly honored to serve my patients daily and for them allowing me into their lives. Without their love, loyalty, and support I wouldn’t have been able to make my dream a reality.

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